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Wordpress tips blogging guide blogging guideAs you know, is the free blogs are used very widely because there are so many functions, many theme beautiful interface and easy to use. WordPress is so much talk about, in this article I just ...


AdmanIf you want to insert the ad code (such as Google AdSense, Bidvertiser, AdBrite) on the blog post automatically without having to edit the template or do it manually for each one, the article is a plugin Adman ...

It's time we should use Gravatar

It's time we should use Gravatar

When you read the comment to see pictures of Phamen and others do not show up? Do you want to know how to show up for this like that? We begin to learn offline.

Use your own domain for blogs

Use your own domain for blogsTrangtriblog has been introduced to you how to create a blog with own domain name using the blogging platform and domain name are specific to Google's blog. Now, trangtriblog continue ...

Create robots.txt file for blog

Create robots.txt file for blogRobots.txt file is used to guide the robot of the search engines know which page or section on your website or blog regularly to read and to index, what pages or sections should not be read. Most sites and ...

Why WordPress is the number 1 choice for blog

Why WordPress is the number 1 choice for blogWhen you start blogging, there are many types of blogs to choose from. You can choose a blog platform business (to pay), or a free blog platform, and the first thing you have to choose a tool that best suits ...

How to post code in the article of WordPress

How to post code in the article of WordPressAs we all know, writing code in the articles of WordPress is really a challenge. If you have the javascript code, PHP, CSS, HTML, etc.. and want to share with the reader, but unfortunately, when you copy and ...

Insert emoticons for WordPress

Insert emoticons for WordPressHave you ever asked a lot about how to insert fun icons to comment on WordPress blogs, or how to define these symbols according to their own? Many times want to write in ...

Backup and data recovery for WordPress blog

Backup and data recovery for WordPress blog

Have you ever be sure that the webhost manager that you are using is fantastic and never have any problems? Have you ever director to make sure all data on your blog safe?

Make Related Links in Wordpress

Make Related Links in WordpressThere are many questions you How to insert a list of related articles (articles on the subject) at the end of each article as of This article is answer for ...

Customize your order category

Customize your order categoryThe order of the items in the category works very well help readers easily find the topics they want to read and increase traffic to your blog. But have you ever noticed the order of items in the category of ...

What is Pingback and Trackback?

What is Pingback and Trackback?Once familiar with the blog in general and in particular WordPress blog, you probably have encountered many times the two terms Trackback and Pingback on his blog.But what are they and how effective it is ...
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