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As you know, is the free blogs are used very widely because there are so many functions, many theme beautiful interface and easy to use. WordPress is so much talk about, in this article I just like to introduce to you how to create a blog on, in the future if you have time I will show the full functionality of this blog.

Registration instructions on blogs

Step 1. First, you visit the WordPress home page at:

After the home page appears, click on "Sign up now" to begin the registration process.

Step 2. Register Account WordPress

Just fill out the following information.

- Username: this is for your login name, and if you want then this is also the name of your blog is:

- Password: enter your password

- Stick in the box: I have read and agree to the terms of service Fascinating.

- In the bottom two options, please stick to the "Just a username, please."

Click on Next, the screen will appear notice your account has been activated, an email with information such as username, password, API key and important information has been sent to your blog.

You can open the email and log on as a link that WordPress offers you:

Either click on the words is always quick to We hope you enjoy

The screen next to you on the home page of your account, including a lot of news. But you from doing what they are interested, just click on "My Dashboard."

Now you have logged into your Dashboard. Be a little editing to WordPress can display good Vietnamese on your blog.

You click on "Options" in the "Interface Language", select "vi - Vietnamese" and click on "Update Profile". To do this step so that you can type Vietnamese Unicode on your blog comes up correctly, not thinner ngoang.

Here is that we have completed your provisional registration and edit a few things first. We now start a blog on

Step 3. Create a blog on

Please click on the Dashboard and click on Next Blog Stats

In part, You Do not Appear to have any blogs yet, why not start one? Please click Start one

The next screen appears, you just fill in the necessary information.

Blog domain: you can enter depending on your preference, it is the URL of your blog. Or you can always set the blog domain is similar to your username. For example my domain is taken blog and this will be the URL that will appear on the WebBrowser and people will visit your blog via this address.

Blog Title: The title of the blog. You can write a slogan or what the brief summary of your blog, or as a hobby, something that, up to you.

Language: select "EN - Tiếng Việt".

Privacy: stick longer in the box that read, "I would like my blog to Appear in search engines like Google and Technorati, and in public listings around". This is important, when you stick this box means you allow search engine like Google or Technorati and other search engines can find content on your blog, and it will help people easy to find your blog on search engines.

Click on Create a blog, Done, so that you have created a blog on

In the next section I will show you how to control the functions of in your Dashboard.

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