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Why WordPress is the number 1 choice for blog

When you start blogging, there are many types of blogs to choose from. You can choose a blog platform business (to pay), or a free blog platform, and the first thing you have to choose a tool that best suits your needs. Before building a blog, or look at the content that you write is what people read and what kind of object that you will look forward to.

In this article, we will go through some kind of blog platforms and assess their function, and will discuss why WordPress is the number one choice of the blog platform. We will understand what makes great Wordpess and is widely used today, and WordPress satisfy all your needs like.

The name first appeared in the history of the blog is This is the first blog platform in history and still exists today in the world of blogging. It is free but not open source. Still, bloggers using community is huge.

The latter appears in the history of the blog is Blog City - a blog platform has a long lifespan. You'll find both Yahoo 360, a blogging tool in Yahoo's pretty good lately. Yahoo 360 appeared in 2005, has caused a lot of attention, especially in Vietnam. We will talk to the MSN Spaces, a blogging platform other formats like Yahoo 360, but developed by Microsoft. We will also consider a number of features and ExpressEngine MoveableType.

But will only focus on some heavy competition is boastMachine of WordPress, Drupal, Serendipity, b2evolution and Nucleus. Finally, we will see two likely opponents could potentially substitute for WordPress, Textpattern and bblog it.


Blogger is a blogging platfrom is very light is provided by the giant Google. This is one of the first blog platform in the world have made the blog such as today. Register an account at Blogger is free. Blogger's greatest strengths is free, simple and flexible themes help users can change at will. As the biggest drawback of Blogger is not compatible with the plugins, source close to limit the ability of bloggers and developers have Google ads on the top of the blog. However, the blog using the Blogger platform is very friendly to search engines because it is part of Google, a search engine's biggest online today. You can find out about Blogger at:

City Blog

Contribute to the blogosphere as Blog City, a senior in history blog. It is simple and free. What you feel most satisfied when using the Blog City is its simplicity. Greatest strength of this type of blog platform is definitely a super simple. Although there are not many features, but the City Blog is a blog platform to use user-friendly. Functions that are not blog platform that is no photo gallery and no attractive theme. In addition, when using this blog, you provider has always been to place ads on blogs, this is a huge limitation. Blog City running slow because it is very heavy.

Yahoo 360

There are many features that make Yahoo 360 blog become a pretty good platform. Yahoo 360 was introduced in 2005. Generally, Yahoo 360 is a community communication tool in which a blog that features only. It integrates many of Yahoo's free services such as Yahoo Photos, Yahoo News, MSN, Yahoo mail, etc.. This helps Yahoo 360 has become very effective and very powerful on the market. However, all these features seem not to be charmed professional bloggers because their main purpose is to blog, which features in the Yahoo 360 blog is not supported by many, and can speak is very poor. By the time of this writing, Yahoo 360 still does not support plug and going into the past because Yahoo has decided to develop a new generation of social networking sites such as Yahoo Mash.

MSN Spaces

MSN Spaces is a blogging tool is the software giant Microsoft introduced in December 2004. This blog is integrated both MSN Messenger and photo gallery, can post a blog with mobile phones, and integrates with MyMSN. There are many features, yet these features do not support good for blogging, but it seems like more support for community communication and personalized, so it will not be popular bloggers popular. Blog at MSN Spaces also be required to advertise and run pretty badly.

Six Apart

Six Aprt is also another company involved in the blogosphere. The company is developing some type of blog platform, free of charge type, charge type. Among them, MovableType is a very popular blog platforms. MovableType set standards for various features of the blog and one of the three API development for the blog is prevalent MovableType, and Blogger API MetaWeblog. Six Apart also develop other blog platforms are: Vox, TypePad and Live Journal. Of these, the Live Journal is the most prevalent. You will be surprised to see some statistics of Live Journal. This is a free blogging platform, currently has more than 96 million accounts, of which more than 19 million active accounts. Every hour on Live Journal, over 18 thousand posts.


ExpressEngine supports many features, and really it is not just a blogging tool, sometimes it is also known as web publishing apparatus. ExpressEngine even when compared with the CMS (Content Management System - Content Management System) ExpressEngine others still ranked higher. ExpressEngine very beautiful, powerful and the documentation of it very much. ExpressEngine has many more features and modules. This is a commercial blogging system and you have to pay it out to get them (can say this is a high-level CMS). ExpressEngine version also offers free but limited to a minimum feature. When you are new user, you will see its Administration panel is complicated, if you are a beginner and do not know anything about technology is it can make you frustrated. ExpressEngine also missing plugin and theme, however, the user community is very large.



Serendipity, often called the s9y, is a heavy competition of WordPress.No has many features, flexible and well structured, so if the new look is sure is that you can not ignore it. However, the main problem is lack of s9y plugins and cumbersome. When running the s9y will take more bandwidth and more time is WordPress. Still, Serendipity is a beautiful and simple blogging platform for people who not only want to blog. In Serendipity, you have full control over the development and content management plugin. This blog platform is compatible with many types of database servers such as: MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.


A different kind of open-source blogging platform promises to cause the attention is boastMachine. The main features are appreciated by all of it is, spam filtering and image management, etc. But all these features are included in the WordPress plugin through. boastMachine is a lightweight platform. The biggest drawback is its incompatibility with the plugin. boastMachine quite new in the blogosphere and there are community wide use, the more it does not have online support.


In fact, Drupal is used as a content management system, but Dries Buytaert was first written as a message board system. This is a theme system with lots of plugins and features are very strong design. Drupal user community is large and the attached documentation is great. Strengths of Drupal is not just blogging, but it also has the modules are suitable for a website. In addition, there are Drupal modules for e-commerce, photo gallery, integrated CVS and mailing list management. Mailing list manager helps you manage multiple user groups and mailing them. Drupal Administration's panel is quite heavy and not suitable for novice bloggers. Drupal also distribute a modified version to fit for different purposes, including the CivicSpace version is very popular.


One of the best features of b2evolution is a multi-user systems, this will also be introduced through Wordpres WordPress MU. This feature allows you to simply host a blog on the host, but allows multiple users to create different accounts for their own blog. B2evoluton can be installed automatically reduces the complexity for a novice blogger. This is a feature-rich blogging platform. One of the biggest drawbacks is the lack of b2evolution theme and plugin. Administration panel of b2evolution plentiful but hard to understand. Compared with WordPress, it weighs much more.

Nucleus CMS

Nucleus CMS is a content management system is common. In fact, it was more a tool for blogging. Nucleus supports multi-language environment (multi-lingual) and writer (multi-author). Some broad features of the Nucleus is available there are many templates, plugins and an easy to use administration panel. Nucleus introduced many of the API to extend features through the plugin. However, the Administration panel of more complex Nucleus WordPress.


Textpattern was developed by Dean Allen and the market in early 2001, is a lightweight blogging platform compatible with the plugin. The most successful point of Textpattern is a content management system overall. It supports multi-language blogging via UTF-8. Many features and easy management are factors that help it compete strongly with WordPress.


WordPress blogging platform is a relatively mild if compared to other blog platforms mentioned above. It has many features, very well structured and have an overwhelming amount of users today. You'll find very much documentation on the WordPress without any other blog platforms can unmatched. If you have any problems with WordPress, not only you get the support of key suppliers, but you also receive the support of many communities of users. There are thousands of developers is the day the plugin and theme development for WordPress. So if your blog lacks certain features, if you can not find in WordPress, you can easily find from the developer community and using WordPress. If not found a plugin that you can develop yourself by WordPress is an open system, it allows everyone to participate in the development. Automatic settings, easy to manage, feature-rich, rich themes, easy to use, light and can be customized to your liking are the elements that made the WordPress blogging platform to become No. 1 in the world.

Before talking to the other advanced features of WordPress, let's review all the basic features of WordPress:

Unlimited number of categories and sub-category: you can create a multitude of categories and child categories in categories that did not encounter any trouble exports nao.Tu RSS and Atom: help update information about your blog immediately.
Using XML-RPC interface for remote trackback and writing.
Can post on the blog from email.
Plugin and theme support: this is the strongest point of WordPress. It creates opportunities for thousands of developers to join the plugin and theme development for WordPress, making it increasingly rich features and interfaces.
Can import data from Blogger, Blogware, Bunny's Technorati Tags, DotClear, GreyMatter, Jorome's Keyword, LiveJournal, Movable Type, TypePad, RSS, Simple Tagging, Textpattern, B2evoluton, etc. This is a great feature if you want to transfer from another blog using WordPress, it helps to regain back all the posts on other blogs to move WordPress.
Lot of documentation to help developers add features, and more to expand the API.
Easy to manage and maintain that there should have more skills or experience
Ability to search the blog very well.
Publish content instantly regardless of length of the article is how much.
Support multi-language blogging.
Administration Panel is very well organized with lots of features but easy to understand and use.
Manage links easily.

With the help of plugins and a lot of the API, you can edit as you like WordPress as your needs, and you can even use WordPress to make a complete website. WordPress theme and plugin thousands, plus a user of an extremely large ready to contribute to development, which makes growing WordPress expressed his No. 1 role.

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