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What is XML?

Surely you've seen or heard the term XML as it is everywhere. But XML is and more importantly, it works and what we care about it?

XML is the abbreviation of the English phrase Extensible Markup Language - Markup Language can be extended. It is a markup language designed to transfer data between different systems and different platforms. There is an article on W3C entitled "XML in 10 points" give introductory information about the language.

10 points about this language:

XML is used for structured data.
XML looks a bit like HTML.
XML is text, but not to read.
XML is very long
XML is a technology family
XML is new, but not entirely new.
XML is a module
XML is the basis for RDF and Semantic Web.
XML copyright free, platform-independent and well supported.

After reading this article you will realize why you should care about XML or at least understand how it works. XML was created to facilitate the use of structured data on the internet, and it has become standard for applications and platforms.

RSS is an example. This is an XML format has been modified to include the title and the main content for your blog.

Please note, the XML will not replace HTML, but it is only supplementary to HTML. Related to the HTML data is displayed do we, for example as on the website, while XML is related to the description of data and data structures.

The fundamental difference between this markup language such as: HTML tags are fixed, while in XML, the tag needs to be user defined or platform. So called new XML can be extended.

Many people believe that Web 3.0 is the semantic web. Director said they were not sure what, just know that XML still exists as a standard tool for transferring data over the internet, and its future is very bright.

If you are interested in XML, you can search and read more at Wikipedie

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