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Website Grader - Tool to check the quality of website SEO for free

Since its start blogging until this point I would not care much about optimizing search engines (SEO: Search Engine Optimization), yesterday I accidentally discovered a tool for site analysis SEO and great blog. I tried checking my blog and get more useful advice.

Website Grader is a free tool that measures marketing effectiveness of a website that I want to mention. This tool provides analysis related to traffic (traffic), optimized search engine, evaluate the website's popularity on social networking sites and other techniques. You can enter information to compare your website with your competitors or friends know that through your site is located at any rate on a scale of 100.

Entering information is simple to check, just click here and fill out the information below:

Website URL: Address your blog or website.

Related Keywords: Key words related to your blog or website.

Competing Websites: blog, or website address that his opponents want to compare.

Your E-Mail: Your email address (Link to see a report will be sent to the email).

If you do not want to receive news about SEO removed from this page you check underneath your email address.

Then click Generate Report to see the results.


Results divided into several sections, with accompanying assessment of the useful advice.

I. On-Page SEO: Handling placing keywords on the page.

A. Metadata: These parameters help the meta-search engines know about your site.
B. Heading Summary: The title and the title.
C. Image Summary: Number of images used.
E. Readability Level: Assessing the level of education necessary to read and understand the contents page.

II. Off-Page SEO: All what you have done to market the site.

A. Domain Info: Information on expired domain names.
B. Google PageRank: Ranking in Google's PageRank algorithm (score 10).
C. Google Indexed Pages: Number of pages indexed by Google.
D. Last Google Crawl Date: The date Google last indexed your page.
E. Traffic Rank: Alexa Ranking traffic.
F. Inbound Links: Total number of links inside the blog.

III. Blogosphere: Assessing the level of communication with readers.

A. Blog Analysis: Analyze the tools used to communicate with readers.
B. Blog Ranking: Ranking based blog engine Technorati.

IV. Social Mediasphere: Number of articles to mark the society pages.

A. bookmarks: The number of bookmarks at
B. Submission Summary: Number of articles posted on Digg.

V. Converting Qualified Visitors to Leads: Evaluation tools help customers interested in sites linked.

A. RSS Feed: Use feed.
B. Conversion Form: Use the form on the blog.

VI. Competitive Intelligence: Summary reports compare with competitors or summary page.
You can find some helpful information about SEO on the HubSpot Company, owner of Website Grader.

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