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Verify Moneybookers Guide - Part 1

As you know, is Moneybookers online payment system is very popular in the world today. It is comparable to PayPal and Egold. However, with some restrictions on PayPal's registration and restrictions on withdrawals of Egold, we should with the U.S., seems Moneybookers online payment systems best support.

With a Moneybookers account is not verify, you can still get money, money transfers and withdrawals on bank accounts in your country, the limit (limit) Moneybookers allows you to send money (send) and withdrawals (withdraw) within 90 days is $ 1281 and you are not limited to receiving money.

With $ 1281 is enough for us to implement the transaction within 90 days. However, some people rich, many other currencies, the $ 1,281 within 90 days is not enough to meet their requirements. So they need to verify your Moneybookers.

The verify Moneybookers is very simple, it not only makes your outgoing transaction within 90 days increased, but it also proves that your Moneybookers account is a credible account of the transaction. Once your account more often and use more prestigious transactions, the Moneybookers will automatically increase the limit for you.

There are three forms to verify Moneybookers account for you:

- Verify by Credit Card add $ 1500 limit increase
- Verify by Bank accuont: add $ 2500 limit increase
- Verify by Address: add $ 2500 limit increase

In this one, I would like to introduce you how to verify the simplest Moneybookers, verify it by address.

There are two ways you can use to verify your Moneybookers.

1. Request a confirmation mail to your address.

The steps are as follows:

- Login into your Moneybookers.

- Click on My account.

- Click on My Profile

- In the Contact details: please confirm your correct address to which you are then required to send a mail to your home address for you to verify your Moneybookers account.

In the mail (by post, about 15-20 days you will receive) that Moneybookers send you, which will contain a code for you to verify your Moneybookers. His example: 123456 (6 digits)

After receiving the mail containing the code that

- Login into your account

- Click on My account

- Click on My profile

- In the Contact details: choose Verify

Will have the following:

- Enter the 6 digit number that Moneybookers sent to you via mail in the box: "Verification Code" and click on Submit.

When you enter the correct 6 numbers, then your Moneybookers account will be immediately and limt Verify your extra $ 2500 for 90 days.

Note: Moneybookers only allow you to enter the 6 digit wrong 2 times, if you enter the wrong to the 3rd, then verify with the address immediately blocked, and you will not be able to verify with the address anymore. So keep your eye on the numbers to look carefully for it to import correctly.

2. Sending the identification to verify.

This way is simple and faster than verify by mail received a lot of Moneybookers. You only need two following papers:

- The proof of the source individual: identity card or driver's license or passport.

- Proof of address you have registered in your Moneybookers account: Bank account statement or other bill with your name and address printed on it (phone bills, electric bills, water, .... The most recent 3 months)

After you have the required documents above, please scan them and:

- Email address: with the subject: Please verify me!

- Or fax number: 44 709 204 2001 or 1 509 271 5556

After receiving the documents you send, Moneybookers will consider papers that address exactly as you register in your Moneybookers account. If accurate, your Moneybookers account instantly and Verify.

Have you noticed:

- In two papers that Moneybookers requirements, each type you need is a copy.

- Papers must have your name and address of the same. If the error you can not verify it.

Their knowledge so shallow article inevitable errors. Hope you comment to your posts better.

Wish you success!

If you do not have Moneybookers account, please register here: Moneybookers

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