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How to make money with Kontera ContentLink

Many thanks for a new partner of Kontera, many new publisher can take on a new revenue from advertising, but only for high-traffic sites. Many readers of my blog has been approved for registration and ContentLink put on their site, this is great news. Now, we move on to the next step: how to maximize the money earned from this program?

Kontera ContentLink need about a week to review and evaluate your site. When I first put on his blog ContentLink, amount only 91 cents CPM. Now it has increased to more than $ 3. Kontera have more time to evaluate, with the other things you can do to maximize the income from this program. Here are some tips.

Make sure not to block other ads links

The first time I put Kontera on The TechZone, a flash banner ad blocking Ultra ConteneLink. This is a common problem with flash ads. If you have any blocking banner ads Kontera ContentLink then adjust them right. If people can not read a full ad, they will not click on that ad.

Let ContentLink in the article content

Kontera ContentLink works best if the link is located in the keywords in the text of the article. Header, footer or side bar ... not to join Kontera ContentLink. You can control any part on your site is Kontera detection using the tabs div.

<div class=KonaBody> content you want displayed Kontera ContentLink will put here </ div>

You can edit the template on your site to add to the open div at the top of the article and closing div tags at the end of articles or you can add tags to the article. This will keep Kontera ContentLink display where you want the content on your blog.

Protection is not the subject line to end

Ideally located in the ContentLink only the text of the article. However, there are still displayed when Kontera link in the header. Some bloggers do not care about this but my own, I do not like the title of the article are linking. I ContentLink block transfer title of the article follows the ad link into the code of ContentLink.

Dc_isBoldActive var = 'no'

This solution will make the text block ContentLink is enclosed in the following tag: <b> <strong>, <h1>, <h2>, <h3>. By using div tags to keep ContentLink is located in the body of the article and tell her to execute code in bold text are not highlighted, you will now begin to maximize revenue from Kontera.

Make Kontera Link color similar to the common link.

This is like the color scheme in Google Adsense. Make the same color of the ContentLink color of the links will typically increase the click rate. Yet this is not a hard rule and can be implemented quickly. Perhaps you could mix them together and try to see the color contrast of their effects, how.

You can change the color of the ContentLink code in your Kontera ads. This is the color adjustment of the link: dc_AdLinkColor var = '# xxxxxx'. Let x be the name change in color or HEX format.

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